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The Invaluable Life Awareness Project

Awareness: The master key to an extraordinary future and life NOW!

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"How To Navigate the Uncertain Future" Free Video Series
BONUS : Featured videos on how to succeed in the New Conscious Economy.

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Start with a laser focus on being more innovative, more clear with greater understanding of how the future is unravelling. What awareness must we cultivate to create an extraordinary life while doing epic work? To be part of the huge shifts, we need to stand up, stand out with courage and in spite of our fears be an invaluable contribution. Under all that is the resolve to eliminate the old conditioned awareness programmed for compliant work, becoming more aware, the key to an extraordinary future.

The Invaluable Life Awareness Project

The show is a series of profound interviews, features and short videos exploring business, careers and life at the cross road of awareness. Awareness, is the greatest source of power for success and mastering your life. As you seek better opportunities to socio-economic and environmental challenges you will need the inspiration to create new stories, leading to critical innovative solutions for the next phase of our evolution. The show focuses on the latest disruptive ideas that will make a difference into the future that you design for yourself.

Are you prepared for the UNCERTAIN future?

How will the future affect you? Either you are going to take hold of your future or it is going to take hold of you. Becoming more AWARE is the master key to creating your own extraordinary future and quality of life as you stand up and stand out as being an invaluable contribution in everything you do.

Stop pursuing whatever - Build an invaluable life
We need new stories, new dreams, new desires and aspirations, new conversations, new meaning and new way of being that makes for a harmonious existence, where all people live in dignity and well-being. A possibility of global empathic sociability, causing shifts from economic value extraction dependencies that lead to depreciation, degradation, unhappiness and pursuit of whatever, to focused value creation interdependencies that lead to appreciation, integration and happiness that is deeply fulfilling and meaningful.

Epic Process

It is akin to an epic heroes journey into new uncertain uncharted terrain, exploring, discovering and learning the new frontiers of the next chapter in our history. If you are deeply committed to being a masterful artists, fearless with courage and love (yes love) by being the difference that makes the difference, sign up for the free videos below. Inherent in all that you do is the willingness to see the bigger picture outside the microcosm view of daily life.

The Invaluable Life Awareness Project explores shared values, culture and community that is devoted to be the next chapter and is ahead of the curve, creating a new path. It is for those who have declared themselves as leaders, protagonists with a vision to shift awareness beyond the current conditioning and having the audacity to be disruptive with the status quo. The project focuses on three aspects: Interviews with peers; Features on people who inspire by being remarkable in their field of business, art, careers and life that make the seemingly impossible come alive; Shorts that shift conditioned awareness from merely surviving to epic thriving unconditioned awareness. Its creativity, innovation, awareness and being conscious at the cutting edge.

These epic stories of the path creaters, invaluable contribution, goodness and being the difference that makes the difference is missing from the traditional media. To get ahead of the curve we must learn what others are doing currently that make for new stories, dreams and aspirations that can ignite our own passion.

A Greater Perspective

Awareness is about shaking off the continual incessant conditioning from the external world vying for your attention while becoming more aware of the true nature of (1) what truly makes us happy (2) how can we redesign socio-economic structures that care deeply for the well-being of all (3) And what makes each individual an invaluable part of this socio-economic structure that maintains individual autonomy and creative expression yet be mutually consistent with the whole.

The show sits at the crossroads of entrepreneurship, careers and life, combined with the process of discovering unique and distinct answers to the deeply held question of why we exist, the natural precursor to a happy life that is both deeply fulfilling and meaningful.

The interviews, features and shorts combine to spark deep discussion and connection that ignites awareness, the master key to an extraordinary future and life. SIGN UP BELOW.

"How To Navigate the Uncertain Future" Free Video Series
BONUS : Featured videos on how to succeed in the New Conscious Economy.

Your eMail privacy is absolutely guaranteed.

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