Don’t make a wish for the holidays

Don’t make a wish for the Holidays. Neither should you make a resolution for this New Year, 2012. This year focus on not making any wishes for the Holidays or any resolutions for the New Year. Banish those wishes and resolutions to the closet in the basement, and leave them there and throw the key away.

If you are just like me and most other people you probably have made wishes and resolutions in the past that have been discarded for “life as usual by default”. Cast back to last year. If you had made any resolutions or wishes for the New Year and the Holidays, well what happened. If you are like the majority of the population, statistics state that by January 20th most of it is forgotten.

Our resolve to live more healthy lifestyles, or to create financial well-being or to create better relationships (these are the top resolutions most of us make) got crushed by the busy life and attention to the daily grind, with the normal frustrations, stresses and the excessive striving to get things done just to make life work. To add insult to injury, it is a battering to our self-esteem as each year we get carried away by the frenzy of New Years Resolutions and the media hype and attention. Instead what we are doing each year is that we have trained ourselves to not attain our deepest dreams, desires and aspirations!!

Obviously resolutions don’t really work out the way we intended them to. Resolutions and wishes have no driving thrust or assertion to move anything. There is no leverage, no clarity and focus, let alone a plan with a system and processes to attain those dreams. And that is why Holiday wishes and New Years resolutions are doomed to fail.

Change does not happen overnight. One life long habit isn’t going to change instantly. And we live in a society where we have been trained to expect instant gratification. For lasting change, we have to work on small incremental changes, and have a system of keeping track of the incremental changes.

Don’t let your dreams, desires and aspirations be crushed in the heated moment of frivolous resolutions. Don’t keep on training your brain to fail, as it has in prior years.

Instead this year convert your wishes and resolutions into attainable goals. Let’s reframe this. Wishes, resolutions, dreams, desires and aspirations can be converted into goals by a systemic approach. Goals are written, planned, prioritized, scheduled and implemented by an actionable plan that has clarity of purpose and a laser beam focus. Goals are time sensitive, very specific, and broken into small steps that make them manageable and attainable.

So this coming year instead of making wishes and resolutions, as you finish the last sip of that champagne, try to focus your energies and self-esteem on attaining at least one major personal development goal that will make a an insanely huge difference in your life.

Wishing you all Happy Holidays, Talk soon

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One thought on “Don’t make a wish for the holidays

  1. Naresh Kumar

    A wish is vague and is more connected to the feeling i.e., I wish my family stays in good health next year.

    A goal is something concrete that you can obtain by taking certain action i.e., my goal for next year is to save $20k. Steps includes how to increase income/ reduce expense.

    I am not in favour of making wish but definately would like to have a specific goal for next year.

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